Sunday, 29 May 2016


So many things have happened in the past few weeks and I am completely mesmerised by the beauty of the world as well as life itself. I went camping, painted a daffodil, listened to the birds sing, invited friends over for a garden party, went for many walks in the forest and painted till deep in the night. I am excited to show you my progress of paintings I have been working on and want to apologise for the lack of content on this blog. I want to post more of my art and will try to do so from now on. I hope you enjoy the video of my dear friend Michelle and me painting a dandelion.

a preview of my nature journal entry for May- in progress
I found a lot of inspiration in some new nature books that I bought
my scientific illustration of a dandelion that you can find in my shop here
my wonderful analog camera that I have been taking photo with lately

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