Thursday, 30 June 2016

A week full of adventures.

the beautiful fly agaric mushroom!


Hello lovely friends! I am so happy to share some photos of what I have been up to art wise. I am still working on my different projects but now I am also very busy with finding a place to live. I need to move to Berlin as soon as possible but I am finding it difficult to find a place. Lately I have been going on many short walks and have been enjoying the rainy days. It does not really feel like summer here, more like a trip to the rainforest greenhouse in a zoo. It is really humid and rainy all the time! Also there are many mosquitos out and about! Anyway I just wanted to share some little things with you and truly hope you are doing well.

an interesting biology project

packed orders- ready to be shipped! 

when I was working on the collaboration

the butterfly painting- finished!

a little mushroom original painting for sale here


  1. this is so lovely Johanna!! the things you create are astounding.