Monday, 20 June 2016

Collaboration with @lamblittle

progress of a project

I am working on a collaboration with the lovely Jane Carkill, you can find her etsy shop here. We both started a painting and will continue and finish each other's works. I painted a little daisy and a peacock butterfly. Truthfully I am beyond excited to receive her painting and finish it. 

the finished painting for a collaboration 

this is Jane's painting (taken from her instagram)

I've also been working on some new lovely things for you! I really miss spotting mushrooms everywhere like you do during autumn time. Lately it has been raining a lot and I've seen mushrooms pop up here and there. They inspired me to make some mushroom items for the online shop you can visit here

a lovely notebook I illustrated, it is available in my online shop

handmade items you can find in my online shop

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