Friday, 29 July 2016

RBGE- Certificate in Botanical Illustration

a practise sheet

Hello lovely friends, 
as some of you already know I went to Edinburgh to do a botanical illustration course for two weeks. I thought I'd show you a few pictures of the final painting I worked on. The course was a wonderful experience and I am still waiting to receive my portfolio back to show it to you in a video. 
As our final project we had to paint a cyclamen, it was quite difficult at first but I feel like it turned out quite alright. I met wonderful people and feel like I learned a lot. 

Love, Johanna 

a quick root study

the final painting

on this sheet I practised different techniques of painting

a quick painting 


  1. Das sieht so wundersch├Ân aus! ­čśŹ Ich w├╝rde das Motiv glatt als Postkarte kaufen. <3

    1. Dankesch├Ân! Wie lieb <3 Vielleicht gibt es bald ja Postkarten davon hihi ^_^