Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Last Moments Of Summer

vivid red and painting outside

Hello beautiful people! 
Some time has passed and I just wanted to share the things and projects I've been working on lately. This summer did not really feel like summer, there was a lot of rain and occasionally it just felt like autumn already. There were so many mushrooms in the forests I decided to paint a few. Autumn is such an inspiring season. Mushrooms are definitely my favourite thing to paint! I worked on some commissioned artworks and wrote lots of poems for the poetry book I am working on. 
I hope you had a beautiful summer. 
Much love,

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works and ideas in progress

a new painting // thinking of autumn

forest walks

nature journal [July]

working on an autumn painting on rough watercolour paper


  1. aaaaaah. so jelly of your talent seriously <3

  2. Your art is very wonderful dear!

    1. Thank you Oona :) I think the same about yours hihi x