Saturday, 17 September 2016



So I recently moved out. It changed a lot and made me a little bit uncomfortable. Berlin is huge and not very familiar. Growing older is very odd, very strange. Also I've been listening and singing a lot of Billie Holiday songs lately. That's a nice thing about having your own place- you can sing and dance without annoying your siblings. Also I've been writing a lot, which is nice I suppose. If you are feeling down there are a few nice things to do that might make everything a bit better, I keep making lists for myself. I made one for you too: 

        Anti-sadness list 
  • Go outside (even if you don't feel like it, at least try to go out for a while)
  • make a playlist with lots of good music
  • buy a planner and make lots of plans (focus on the good things)
  • don't think too much (try to focus on what you know right now and what is happening in the moment  
  • let yourself be kissed by sunshine or rain and pay attention to the little things  
  • yoga and meditation 
  • fill a notebook with your thoughts (use your sadness as a source of inspiration)


Latest Read: The Last Man by Mary Shelley
My goodness this book is beautiful and so very sad. Very upsetting but beautifully written. It took me some time to get into the story and understand the use of language but once I did I completely fell in love with each character. Their names are so utterly beautiful and interesting (Lionel, Raymond, Perdita, Idris) The way the main character Lionel tells the story from his perspective is just very beautiful. It is an upsetting book nonetheless because it does work towards a dramatic, horrible apocalyptic ending of human civilisation.


Reflections After Jane - The Clientele
Next Time - Curtis Harding
How I know - Rusty Clanton
All Of Me - Billie Holiday 



  1. dear Johanna,

    you are younger than me but somehow in one point you are so wiser. I'm glad I read this postings. It made my day. Thank you :)


  2. Thank you for these lists Johanna! You're anti-sadness list can be also us like a anti-burnout list... As I read it, I thought it could be useful for me, because I am freaking stressed my school haha! I think that making plans in a notebook could be useful.

    I'm gonna straight away listen to your playlist!

    Lots of love,
    Mab xx

    1. Thank you so much Mab! Your loveliness makes me very happy :) <3

  3. Hallo Johanna. Changing can be hard and I don't think that growing ever gets easier. But i'm sure you'll find amazing places in Berlin that will make you happy, just because you have a eye that is inclined to find beautiful things around you.

  4. Thank you for your kind comment. Your words make me happy! things are already getting better :)