Friday, 13 January 2017

Traveling: Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Breda, Utrecht, Zutphen

My first week of the new year was filled with adventures and new acquaintances. I spent a fair amount of time exploring cities in the Netherlands: going from café to café, from bookstore to bookstore and occasionally to a botanical garden or museum. I had a very good time and wanted to introduce a few good places I came to like very much.


Bookstore:  Antiquariaat O.M. van Hoorn

Botanical Garden: Hortus Nijmegen 

Café:  Bairro alto


Café/ Plant shop: Wildernis

Botanical Garden: Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Books: The Book Exchange / and a strange little alley with books


Tea: PuiCk


Walking: Oudegracht 

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