Tuesday, 31 January 2017

why do I like forests / self reflection

I think

in between the grooves
in between your fingers 
you disapprove
the feeling lingers
on and on 
your teeth grinding
voiceless screams
time in your head is constantly, repeatedly
in between the empty spaces
in between two countries
so many people, so many faces
wasting, shrinking, decaying 
look at the trees
their branches
but their roots
bound to their ground
so far from one another 

A few weeks have passed since I got back to Berlin. A lot of things are happening, mostly in my head though. I am constantly learning new things about myself and my surroundings. The city is interesting and exciting but I cannot stay here much longer than a year. Yesterday I was sorting through pictures from a short hike with my father. He took me to see the old oak trees in Wolfsheze. It was a misty day and the forest looked spooky but quite magical. I like that: the mist, the trees the dirt under my shoes and on my knees because I keep looking at the spiderwebs in the heather that carry little drops of water. I like outside and I like coldness scratching my skin. I need mist and rainy weather, trees and dirt and the smell of damp earth. So this is what I learned from being in the city, it is that I am not capable of living in the city for too long. Berlin is nice and has such good sides, Berlin has a lot of green and nature but I need more than that. Sometimes we learn from learning about the things we don't want. It is all going to be ok.

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