Saturday, 25 March 2017

In Earth

I felt myself reappear for a while, 

Oh the forest is so beautiful, soft moss and birdsong and green shades and tall trees. This weekend was eye opening to me. I am alive alive alive!
Truthfully I have not been feeling too alive in the past few weeks. Headaches and tired eyes. Nervousness and exhaustion. But spring is slowing growing everywhere, green is coming, sunsets are many shades of orange and pink. I need to be outside more-

While I was in the forest I had a strange feeling of comfort, I had missed that feeling very much.
Reality feels twisted and wrapped, turned and distorted. When I saw a hole in the ground I had the urge to just lie in it for a while, so I did! Tt felt like being hugged by moss. Like I was being hugged by the forest. Actually very comfortable.

So here are a few pictures, of the forest, of me, of me in the forest. Happy, ok, alive.

a song written and sung by my friend Leon and me

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